Introducing Devup!

Simple, unified interface for all your software development tools.

  • Get bigger picture of software projects.
  • Track code quality in real time.
  • Find code commits that broke your build.
  • Improve yourself as developer.

Developers up your game!

Devup helps developers streamline their day to day activities with clear and concise info on tasks and related artifacts. Devup dashboard shows stats from all your tools, i.e. project management tool, code repository, CI tool on a single interface. Here's how Devup helps you as a developer.

Be in the context

A task needs effort to get the context. Devup tells all about the task - current state & background.

Write better code

Keep a close eye on code quality during the implementation. Instead of code debt, create code wealth.

Manage your time

Devup helps you be right on the top of work, with built-in productivity and working pattern analysis.

Communicate well

Devup gives information on failure points like commits, helping avoid miscommunication.

Managers deliver projects on time!

Managing people is a tough task, more so if you need to track their daily

activities without annoying them. Devup gives you a bird's eye view of your project, with details about who's doing what and for how long. Find out specific details below.

Better budgeting

Plug budgeting leaks with concise info on who is doing what and for how long.

Specific feedback

Track real time performance and help developers grow by providing specific feedback.

Spot risks

Spot risks like slow progress, poor code quality in real time. Take actions to fix them.

Real time information

Get real time info on bug fixes, features and other daily activities. Avoid mails & meetings.

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